Lisette Ma Neza, 2024

Branden [Scorched] is a collective poem about the burning of home countries, about the fire and the smoke of armed conflict which transforms humans into refugees. A poetic conversation with five women from different diasporas: about leaving the place they were born and (never really) arriving. An ode to displaced women.

a film by Lisette Ma Neza
image Lisette Ma Neza, Azra Sterckx, Jean-Marie
sound Nina de Vroome
editing Lisette Ma Neza
sound editing Marc Bastien
sound mixing Aline Gavroy
colour grading Olivier Ogneux
graphic design Amira Daoudi
production Lisette Ma Neza
coproduction Marguerite de Saint André & Ruben Desiere

produced by Neza
a co-production with Accattone Films, LUCA School of Arts

distribution Avila